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But tied as he was, he had no choice then to watch in agony as she came, and came, and came. For what seemed an hour she lay in that dark cape, she had pulled out the slick dildo and was rubbing it over her swollen clit, little shocks running up and down her body each time, and pinching her own nipples when she heard him finally speak. "The old Pimp Room, the club on Grove Street! Mr. Hot Shit stays there nights, tonight he's there with all the weeks buy money! Password is Bizzaro!" She sprang to his cock and kissed his head, her soft tongue darting around as she slowly sunk it in all the way, within ... horny wife bikini busty porn fucking

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It took to accept him. All the while, Joe moved rhythmically inside her body, his hands roaming over her upraised breasts, abdomen, thighs and ass while her ankles crossed behind his back, forcing him closer. The rhythm increased, higher and higher, until she thought she'd die from the pounding of his body into hers. And she'd die if he stopped. Stephanie came again, her inner muscles clenching around Joe's cock, triggering his own pulsing orgasm while her mouth relaxed around Ranger for just a moment, one moment to relish Joe emptying himself ...

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Not tonight it wasn't he thought to himself as he answered aloud," Not at all." "Okay dear. We'll see you later then," she said letting them out the door. The silence was in his vehicle was broken when he said," It's been nice seeing you again Sara," as if waiting for his invitation in. "You mean you aren't coming in?" she inquired in the darkened vehicle dimly lit only by the dashboard lights. Bingo! he thought. "You don't mind?" "I wouldn't of asked if I didn't want you to. Park the car and we'll go in," she requested. "OK." She couldn't believe she ... horny wife bikini busty porn fucking

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