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And Anna was now pissed off - the three attackers were in trouble: Chapter One Anna Nicole Smith crossed her long legs giving the Chief a lovely view of her creamy, tanned thighs. "Ok Agent Hooters its good to have you back after saving the President, how was your vacation?" as he spoke his eyes surveyed her voluptuous form, taking in the delightful flare of her hips and the way her massive breasts filled out the front of her t-shirt. Anna shrugged, "Same old same old." "Right down to business then," the Chief said, "We want you to head out to Roswell and investigate a number of strange disappearances that are ...

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Was about to begin. Once in place, Andromeda proclaimed in her ceremonial voice that carried throughout the Assembly Hall: "Today is a very auspicious day in the life of Queen Hippolyte and the city of Thermodon. Hippolyte has chosen and now publicly decrees that she will adopt Natazia as her daughter. It has been asked, and it has been accepted." A long, palpable hush of surprise filled the Assembly Hall. However, there was no one who got up to object to this adoption. ...

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