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From him. She landed hard on the concrete, her wet hair plastered to her face, Wesker's taste in her mouth. She looked over her shoulder at him, and watched in horror as he removed his shades and tossed them aside. Her eyes met his, blazing with their eerie red light, and her first thought was, "He is angry with me...He never takes off his sunglasses unless he's mad." Her second thought was that he was going to kill her. She wanted to beg him to spare her, to appeal to whatever part of him was still human, but her voice failed her. She turned and tried to crawl away from him, ... vids cum shot clip nipples photo whore

Wisdom decided to give all of the students in my program 13 credits and their internship in the first four days of the week. The only good thing was that I had all day Friday to myself. One of my friends had graduated the year before and worked right off campus. I had called him up the day before and asked if he wanted to get lunch on Friday. He had said yes and that I would meet him outside of his building at noon. Since the buses for once were running early, I decided to get a local newspaper and sit on a bench near my friend's office building and read until he came out. As most guys ...

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The fifth. Now, only Calista, the fiery redhead, was the last one standing, and as Natazia's friend Ainippe was about to challenge her, Natazia cried out, "No, Ainippe! Calista is mine! She was the leader of this band of outlaws who abducted me and sexually abused me for more than a week! It is my right to redeem my honor." Ainippe looked over at Xena for a sign, and Xena motioned her to lower her weapon but be on the ready. Xena knew Natazia had to prove herself in mortal combat at some time, and so this was as good a ... nipples photo whore

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The seventh day as agreed, Xena, Gabrielle, and Ainippe became worried, wondering if some misfortune had befallen her. Xena, one who acts quickly, decided the three of them would head east in Natazia's footsteps and try to find out where she was and if anything, indeed, had happened to her. Unbeknown to Calista and her companions, the fates were not kind to them because they were headed directly into the path of Xena and her companions. Xena was the first to hear talking ahead of them and ... nipples photo whore

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Moon in the west, allowing shafts of light brighten a new day, and this was going to be a special one for Natazia since this was the beginning of her training to become an Amazon warrior. The four women met in a dining area on the outside terrace since it was early summer and a specially beautiful day, and they wanted to enjoy any breeze that wafted through the palace. Those who served brought baskets of breads of many kinds, fruits such as grapes and olives, feta cheese that could be spread on bread, and goat's milk. While ...

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